Patient’s Guide


If you would like to conduct your medical treatment abroad, there are many questions that requires important preparation and planning. We are available to help you any time, therefore, we prepared this simple guide to help you in before, during and after your treatment.


Before your treatment

  1. Consult your doctor if your condition allows you traveling before and after the planned treatment.
  2. Send all the medical reports related to your conditions, including images, documents, and electronic information to us before the treatment to translate the documents into German or English.
  3. Do you need someone to accompany you during your medical treatments? For not being alone and to reduce any possible stress during your trip.
  4. One of our duties is to select to you the right doctor or the right clinic though out valuable connections to the best and most renowned specialists and hospitals, we can provide you in all the information to help you make the right choice.
  5. We recommend you check if all costs are included in the price provided for the treatment.
  6. We recommend you to consult also your surgeon before the operation, and make sure there is no language barrier and that you trust the specialist.
  7. We recommend you to travel with a valid insurance.
  8. Be informed that we are engaged to assist you in the clinic and during your stay.



After your treatment/surgery

  1. After your treatment, make sure the you already discuss with your doctors the aftercare phase after returning to the home country.
  2. We help you to organize and obtain all relevant documents, e.g. the discharge documents, and the aftercare recommendations if possible, in your native language
  3. To share your experience with the future patients, you can leave a testimonial about your treatment experience.
  4. Many patients get benefit, not only from the medical treatment abroad, but also by getting a chance to gain a foreign culture and discover new places generating great memories.

During your stay in Switzerland

  1. Make sure that all information about diagnostics and treatment plan, and the procedure, as well as, the possible complications after the treatment are provided to you.
  2. Don’t hesitate to communicate us, you and your companions, during your stay to add any additional services, e.g. translations, excursions, breath in mountains that could help you to cover earlier and feel better.
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