Our Services

Get your medical assessments from most skilled and known experts in health care.


With us, you are never far from quality health care services. Our services cover everything right from primary care to advanced treatments. We offer well-integrated services that take care of all your wellness and medical needs efficiently including travel starting from your doorstep to back.

Medical assessments

Our medical assessments focus on an extensive evaluation of your full medical history for identification to offer state-of-the-art diagnostic solutions. Our panel of medical experts relies on verified reports to devise a detailed treatment plan for you.

Second opinion

Opinions from our experts can give you a detailed research-based answer to your concerns and can verify your treatments based on the diagnosis. By offering a second opinion we ensure that you are on the most efficient path to your journey towards better health.

Rehabilitation programs

Our programs offer a holistic approach to treatments with support and care based methods that are proven to help the patients. By devising a comprehensive system we guarantee a more sustainable route towards rehabilitation.

Travel and Stay

Our end-to-end unified services take care of all your needs from booking flights, transfers and hotel reservations. Additionally, we take care of your family members and relatives by offering them all the same services so you can focus on your primary goal of better health without having to worry about any logistical details.

Certified translators

For your ease of communication and understanding, we have qualified translators well versed in multiple international languages to help you each step of the way. You will feel right at home while enjoying all our services without worrying about language barriers.

Wellness resort and Medical Spa

One of our unique experiences offers a unique amalgamation of medical treatments along with wellness services. Our prime focus is the rejuvenation of your physical and mental health to enhance your experience with us. We have the latest infrastructure for a fully functioning medical spa in-house wellness resort.

Wellness Therapy

Browse and choose from our varied catalogue of wellness services such as calming mineral baths, soothing massages and regenerative beauty therapies. We are an all-in-one stop for your planned healthy experience with a perfect blend of focus on health and relaxation all under one roof.

VIP Concierge

We offer a premium Concierge service especially for our clients that are celebrities and public figures. Our highly qualified personal VIP Concierge staff is at your disposal around the clock to attend to all your needs. Discretion and exclusivity in all areas are one of our core values of service.

Comprehensive complementary services

We offer multiple programs and services with easy to book access. We are always eager to make your experience with us hassle-free and can help you to book appointments across all services. We offer tailor-made customized packages for you that focus on different niches with a balance on both wellness and medical health treatments.

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